Dining Facilities Siteki Hotel 2017. All Rights Reserved Over and above the world class facilities, Siteki Hotel is also known, among its guests, for its  memorable dining experiences. - with buffets & luncheons served 7 days a week, guests are  sure to be left both satisfied & longing for more: from sea food to traditional dishes and pizzas.  Orders can also be made 'a la carte', as the menus have items to fulfill every of our guests  desires.   After the delightful eating experience, guests who want to enjoy drinks are spoilt for choice at  the executive lounge bar, which quieter and allows one to enjoy their drinks without any  disturbance. On the other hand, the Africa sports bar offers that club & stadium atmosphere  and our guests are sure to catch any of their sports teams' games. These bars are open 7 days  a weekend serve a variety of drinks including cocktails, beers & spirits.  P O Box 120, Siteki L300, Swaziland Tel: +268 2343 6573/1 Fax: +268 2343 6570, email: reservations@sitekihotel.com website: www.sitekihotel.com Contacts Location: 26°27’01.5”S 31°56’44.5”E  -26.450417, 31.945694