Welcome to Siteki Hotel Siteki Hotel 2017. All Rights Reserved Siteki Hotel, also known as the jewel of Lubombo Mountains, is a 3 star hotel located in the  eastern part of The Kingdom of Swaziland - Lubombo region. The Hotel offers accommodation,  conference and restaurant facilities to businesses and individuals seeking serenity.  To cater for the needs of our diverse customers, the hotel has an extravagant executive suite,  two standard double rooms, six luxury double inter-leading rooms and 27 twin/ single rooms -  all air conditioned and well-appointed. All the rooms have Digital satellite television (Dstv) and  if the plethora of channels do not provide enough relaxation, the hotel has a swimming pool, a  bar & a gym adjacent the rooms.  For our customers looking for venues to host a large number of guests or delegates, the Hotel  has a spacious auditorium that can accommodate up to 400 delegates while for those looking  for smaller & intimate venues, the hotel has 2 conference rooms - both  fitted with projectors  & sound systems and can accommodate between 10-100 guests. Over and above the world class facilities, Siteki Hotel is also known, among its guests, for its  memorable dining experiences. - with buffets & luncheons served 7 days a week, guests are  sure to be left both satisfied & longing for more: from sea food to traditional dishes and pizzas.  Orders can also be made 'a la carte', as the menus have items to fulfill every of our guests  desires.   After the delightful eating experience, guests who want to enjoy drinks are spoilt for choice at  the executive lounge bar, which is quieter and allows one to enjoy their drinks without any  disturbance. On the other hand, the Africa sports bar offers that club & stadium atmosphere  and our guests are sure to catch any of their sports teams' games. These bars are open 7 days  a weekend serve a variety of drinks including cocktails, beers & spirits.  If you find the beauty of the Kingdom of Swaziland magnificent, then you wouldn't want to  leave without visiting the attractive places around the hotel to get the best out of your stay -  from breathtaking scenes to very rare species of wildlife. Hlane Royal National Park, situated  26km from the hotel, is home to Lion, White Rhino, Elephant, Giraffe & a host of bird species;  A drive around this park will not only leave long lasting memories but will also make sure you  come back. For international travelers, Sikhuphe International Airport, Swaziland's main airport, is just a 40  minutes' drive from the hotel and is also 40km from the Lomahasha/ Goba border post which  operates 24hours a day and offers the shortest route to Maputo, the capital city of  Mozambique.  Siteki Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in the kingdom, is the only hotel located in the eastern  part of Swaziland; the Lubombo region. Siteki, the nearest town to Maputo from Swaziland,  was known in the olden days as a place for marriage.  Below is the distance between Siteki  and surrounding borders posts;  Siteki – Goba-23Km  Siteki – Lomahasha-51KM  Siteki – Lavumisa/Golela -95 KM  Siteki – Ngwenya/Oshoek-94 KM  Siteki – Mahamba-112 KM  P O Box 120, Siteki L300, Swaziland Tel: +268 2343 6573/1 Fax: +268 2343 6570, email: reservations@sitekihotel.com website: www.sitekihotel.com Contacts Location: 26°27’01.5”S 31°56’44.5”E  -26.450417, 31.945694 We offer world class accommodation, conferencing and dining facilities at reasonable prices. For Bookings or for more information Call: +268 2343 6573 Other Services